Our Story

Inner Splendor Media has developed a reputation for developing quality recordings that actually work to help you relax and sleep deeply.  We believe that all you need to reclaim these natural states within you are basic and simple supports.

We work with industry experts and highly-respected teachers to produce recordings that will guide you gently and easily into profound states of rest, relaxation and sleep. Our Nature series is an exquisite library of expertly and simply-mastered recordings that will transport you into your favorite soundscape. Our gentle melodies, created lovingly by our talented musicians, will captivate your senses and lull you into a state of ease and sweet repose.

Each of our albums are lovingly produced with the utmost attention and care from selecting the music to recording to mixing and packaging the final tracks.

Inner Splendor Media was founded in 2006 by Vidura Barrios out of his desire to provide simple tools for connecting to the peace that exists inside each of us.

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